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Snapchat finally makes it possible to save and repost snaps New feature "memory" announced - ITmedia NEWS

On July 6th (local time), US Snapchat announced a new function "Memories" ("memory" in Japan) that saves past "snap" (posts) and "stories" and re-shares them. bottom. It will be “rolling out” to all users over the next few months.

 The biggest feature of Snapchat was that the snap disappeared when the other party opened it. It became popular among young people because it was possible to post casually on the spot. Adding more memory would change the nature of the service significantly. In the United States, it is reported that DAU (number of daily active users) surpassed Twitter in June.

 To use the memory, swipe up on the snapshot screen. You can see all the snaps and stories you've posted in the past, and you can also filter by keyword search (although there's no explanation, it seems to have a machine learning image search function).

Memory screen

 You can repost past snaps or add new stories. For example, it can be used to create a story using snaps from the same day in the past on an anniversary. User-reposted snaps are bordered, so you know they're from the past, not the present.

 At the same time as providing the memory, the company also added a function to protect past snaps that you don't want others to see as "My Eyes Only". For example, when sharing one terminal with a family, you can save snaps that you do not want to show to others but you do not want to delete.

In the demo video (reproduced at the end of the article), My Eyes uses the memory function to show a series of snapshots posted during a meal with his parents and during a trip to Hawaii with his parents, and kissing snapshots. It introduces how to use to hide with Only.

My Eyes Only

 Team Snapchat will notify you via chat when this feature becomes available. “This is a major service change for Snapchat,” the company said.

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