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News [Brand wallets that can be bought in the 10,000 yen range] Choosing a stylish adult wallet that doesn't look cheap

When you want to change your mind, buy a new wallet. We've collected mini wallets from popular brands that are cheap yet look mature. [Photo] Which wallet should you buy in 2022? See more adult mini wallets

L’arcobaleno|Smart Micro Wallet

¥19800 Emme

The micro wallet from Larcobaleno, a popular leather brand from Italy, is the smallest size in the history of the brand and is almost the same size as an IC card. However, it has more storage capacity than it looks, and you can put coins and banknotes separately in the two flap pockets, and the card insertion part is made of rubber so you can store multiple cards. The texture of the high-quality goat leather is also excellent. Length 5.5 x Width 8.5 x Depth 3cm



News Brand wallet] Choosing a stylish adult wallet that doesn't look like a cheap one

A tri-fold compact wallet with a gimmick that cuts off the perforations when you start using it. The main body is made of lightweight artificial leather, making it easy to use. The coin case part is placed on the outside, and the bill compartment opens wide, making it easy to use. It also has a card pocket that can hold 6 cards, so it is recommended for people who use cards frequently. Length 7 x Width 9 x Depth 3.5-4cm

Aeta|Pebble Grain MINI WALLET

¥15400 Aeta

A bi-fold mini wallet made of pebble grain leather, which has a rich texture and expressive texture. You can use it for a long time because it is a material that does not change much over time. It's compact enough to fit in the breast pocket of a shirt, and has a coin pocket and two card pockets, so some people use it as a business card holder. The interior is also beautiful because it is made by pasting together thinly skimmed leather. Length 6.5 x Width 10 x Depth 1cm


¥17600 Yoshida

A bi-fold wallet that boasts high popularity among the "Porter Able" series of leather accessories that can functionally store the minimum necessary items. By devising the design of the coin pocket, it has both storage capacity and thinness. Since it is fastened with a snap button, there is no need to worry about it opening on its own even if the contents increase slightly. The outer surface is delicately embossed, giving it a luxurious feel. Length 10.5 x Width 9cm

COACH|Zip Card Case

¥17600 Coach Customer Service Japan

Coach also sells stylish thin wallets. This fragment case is made of refined leather, which is made of cowhide with a soft calf-like texture using the brand's traditional processing technology. In addition to a zip pocket with a gusset that opens wide, it has 1 free pocket and 5 card pockets, making it easy to use. Height 7 x Width 13 cm

TOGA PULLA|Leather Wallet Small

¥19800 Toga Harajuku

A compact wallet made of black, red, and yellow leather. In addition to a zippered coin case, it has two card pockets. Since the card pocket has a clasp, one side can be used as a bill compartment. It is also characterized by the western concho, which is a symbol of the brand, on the fasteners and fastener tabs for a masculine accent. Height 7 x Width 12 x Depth 1cmText: Tetsu Takasuka