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Infiltrate!G-SHOCK Restore's first generation "DW-5000C" also breathes back

The restore service of the G-SHOCK series, which is held by Casio Computer for a limited time, is performing well.There are eight models including the first G-SHOCK "DW-5000C" released in 1983.15,60 yen (including tax. Return shipping fee is required separately) exchanges exterior, bands, and batteries damaged by scratches and aging.The reception period is from October 5, 2021 to January 18, 2012, but as soon as it starts, applications are flooded.It is said that the number of applications that had been initially expected was reached in one week of the start.I was shown how the restore (restoration) was actually being done.


 The G-SHOCK series features tough performance such as impact resistance and waterproof performance of 20 atm.The first model "DW-5000C" covered the entire surface with urethane, supported the internal module at a point and floated in the case, so it was realized.


 However, despite the tough G-SHOCK, aging is inevitable.It is a wristwatch that you can wear on a daily basis at a reasonable price, and is often damaged by hitting or rubbing.The urethane may be ragged due to hydrolysis.

潜入! G-SHOCKレストアの現場 初代「DW-5000C」も息を吹き返す インサイド

 According to Casio Computer, products up to 10 years ago are providing regular repair, but it is difficult to respond when it is older.There are many requests to fix old products only for G-SHOCK, which is valuable as a collector item.However, in most cases, there is no mold at that time and it cannot be handled because of the fact that parts cannot be made.Restore service is to meet such requests.Apply from the dedicated website and send the product you want to restore.When the restore ends, it will be returned in the restore service package.


 The restoration work is performed by the Casio Techno Service Business Promotion Department, which provides repair of consumers sold by Casio Computer.I am in charge of the skilled staff who is better than the company.

 First of all, as a sample in front of the restore, I was shown the G-SHOCK that was actually sent.Urethane bezels and bands are full of scratches, indicating that they have been used.The edges that should have been sharp became round, and the surface should be matte, but after many years of use, it has been rubbed and some shiny or whitish.The band was distorted.Since the battery is broken, nothing is displayed on the display.

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