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First kitchen, introduction of "face pass" payment.DX hospitality of private stores

First Kitchen and Japan Computer Vision will start a demonstration experiment on face authentication settlement at some of the first kitchen stores on December 1.

The store to conduct demonstration experiments is Wendy's First Kitchen Akasaka Mitsuke.From December 1 to December 14, only those involved, and from December 15th, general customers will be available.It will also be held at Wendy's First Kitchen Shibuya Center Street and First Kitchen Jiyugaoka Store.The period for conducting demonstration experiments is from December 1 to February 28, 2022, which is expected to be used by about 5,000 people.

A tablet device for face authentication is installed on the self -order terminal installed at the store where the demonstration experiment is performed.Then, recognize customers who register face information when ordering on the self -order terminal, and after ordering the product, with a credit card linked to the face information, or the original prepaid card "My Fast Card" in the first kitchen.Face authentication payment is now available.As a result, you can do it from order to payment by empty -handed without taking out smartphones, wallets, credit cards, etc.


Self -order terminals are not newly developed in conjunction with the demonstration experiment, but will be used as they are used as they are, and added face authentication functions.Face information, credit cards for payment, and My Fast Cards must be accessed and registered on a dedicated website on a smartphone in advance.

顔認証決済を利用するには、あらかじめ専用Webサイトから顔情報や決済用のクレジットカード情報、マイファーストカード情報などを登録する必要があるオーダーの手順は、通常のセルフオーダーの操作と大きく変わらない顔情報が登録済みの場合、オーダーを開始すると同時に顔認識が行なわれる。この時にはマスクを外す必要がない顔認識が正常に行なわれると、画面にこのようなメッセージが表示されるこの先は、通常通りの操作でオーダー顔認証決済を行なう場合には、決済方法として顔認証決済を選択上部のタブレット端末で顔認証を経て決済が行なわれる顔認証決済時には、認証精度を高めるためにマスクを外す必要がある顔認証決済にかかる時間は、状況が良ければ1秒かからないほどの速さだ実際にウェンディーズ・ファーストキッチン 赤坂見附店で顔認証決済を試してみたが、通常のキャッシュレス決済同等のスピードで決済が行なわれ、非常にスムーズにオーダーできた


According to Ernest M Haga, Chairman of the First Kitchen, this initiative is to use DX to use DX to use DX in a restaurant chain store.。For example, a face -authentication payment provides an experience close to a “face path”, and in the future, “I want to increase the convenience of customers, but also use it for customer analysis to increase both customer satisfaction and sales.”I explained.

Mr. Osamu Murasaki, President and CEO of the first kitchen, will provide the “1 -on 1 service” that has been given up so far to realize the fast food mission of “providing products as soon as possible.”It will be like that. "

In this demonstration experiment, the main content is to identify customers in facial authentication, verify the UI including face authentication, and verify face authentication payments, and do not collect or utilize customer data.However, in the future, he wants to use face recognition to provide various services.For example, even now, it is possible to customize the menu and to respond to allergies by verbally at the time of ordering, but using the mechanism of face authentication is based on preference and allergic information without verbal.It will be possible to make a menu proposal and provide special coupons according to the usage of each customer.He expressed his expectation that this demonstration experiment would be "the first step to provide new services" (Mr. Shibase).

今回の実証実験について説明する、ファーストキッチン 代表取締役会長のアーネスト・エム・比嘉氏将来に向けた展望を説明する、ファーストキッチン 代表取締役社長の紫関修氏

In addition, the face authentication payment uses the face authentication technology of the Japanese computer vision.According to Andrew Schwabecker, President and CEO of Japan Computer Vision, the company's face recognition technology boasts the industry's highest -level accuracy and can handle 20 million users.In this demonstration experiment, in addition to the utilization of the face authentication technology, the POPID, which provides face -certificate payment systems in the United States, and the planet that provides a self -order terminal and mobile order service for the first kitchen.However, a face authentication payment system called "Poppay" is incorporated into a self -order terminal.

Mr. Schwa Becker said, "There are many passengers who want to carry out boarding procedures and settlements using face authentication in American airports and restaurants, and have been well received at the office entrance in Japan."Introducing the usage status.Based on this demonstration experiment, he said, "I would like to build a solution that many restaurants can utilize facial authentication systems, and provide improvement in customer experience and improve store management efficiency."