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Is the new iPod touch appeared in autumn?Is the high -end Mac mini thin?to.The latest Apple rumor summary

In Japan, as the emergency declaration continues (as well as this year), the WWDC21 World Developer Meeting will be held next June.It is expected that software updates will be announced mainly, such as iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8 and MacOS 12 (all tentative names), but maybe there are surprises comparable to last year's Apple Silicon Mac.not.

Is the new iPod touch appeared in autumn?Is the high -end Mac mini thin?Until, we will summarize the rumors of the latest Apple.

Rumors that the new iPod touch appeared in the fall of 2021

It is a gossip that the successor model will appear this fall on the iPod touch, which has not appeared for two years since 2019.By the way, there were some signs before the announcement, and although it was a few months from the expected time, the update was almost in place.

Now, the new rumors are tweeted by Macrumors writer and developer Steve Moser.One of the reasons was that the iPod touch was used for the Apple Music PR at the end of 2020, and the expected rendering images were also released.

The predictive figure is a square edge and has no home button, looks like an iPhone 12.Looking back on the previous model inheriting the iPhone 5 design, it seems that when it has been stopped for several years, it will start moving.

Also, the fact that "there is no button on the front" also expands the expectation that a Face ID or a touch ID will be added.Some people say that the current iPod touch is as low as possible, or in order to enter a passcode, there is no way to unlock it (if the passcode is not set, just press the home button).However, the new Touch may use a Face ID part for the iPhone past model, or the side Touch ID may be used as the 4th generation iPad Air.

Mr. MOSER wrote that it is a "rumor" instead of a leak (with a certain source), and excessive expectations are forbidden.However, the Apple TV 4K has just emerged for the first time in several years, and it seems that Apple is unlikely to be launched to enhance low -priced devices and become the entrance to their own service.

The expected rendering image of the next Apple Silicon iMac Pro is released

The 24 -inch iMac released the other day is an entry model of the popular price, but the high -end model iMac Pro has officially discontinued and the professional use iMac is absent.Under such circumstances, the expected rendering images and detailed rumors of IMAC Pro with Apple Silicon are reported.

The published images are linear forms, square edges, and bezels around the screen, and it seems that they use the same design grammar as 24 -inch iMac and iPad Pro.The other day, the Apple Watch Series 7 (provisional) L and the new MacBook Pro, which were delivered from another information, are similar, and the future Apple products will be unified into flat edges like the iPhone 12.maybe.

The external ports have been enhanced for professionals, and there are four Thunderbolt ports and one RJ45 Ethernet terminal (at least prepared as a CTO), and the addition of SD card readers is being considered inside Apple.

These overlap with the gossip of the next MacBook Pro, but I hope that the M1 Succession Chip M1X (or M2) will be eliminated to eliminate the low external ports pointed out to M1 Mac.

Apple announces WWDC21 schedule.Is the new MacBook Pro announced?

 新型iPod touchが秋に登場?からハイエンドMac miniは薄い?まで。最新アップル噂まとめ

This year's WWDC (World Developer Conference) was announced in Japan from 2:00 am on June 8 at Japan time.In this release, there was no mention of the product or new OS, except for a rough schedule, but the big hints are the three new images of Me characters.

By the way, Apple Watch Series 6 was also announced at the "Time FLIES (time)" event last September, and the following October event "Hi, Speed" was the iPhone 12 (with high -speed communication.Apple tends to put some meaning in the textbooks and pictures of the notice, such as hitting 5G compatible.

By the way, what was noted was the character string reflected in the glasses with Me characters on the left.It was actually a copy of the emoticon unicode, and when I read it, it was a knife and fork (meal), sleep, laptop (notebook PC).The expectation of the new MacBook Pro from there was exciting.

In response to this, the familiar leaker (the person who sends influential information related to the notable products) also tweeted, saying, "We will guarantee that the new MacBook Pro will be announced soon."I am.

In the next MacBook Pro, Touch Bar since the 2016 model has been abolished and SD card slots etc. have been revived.Also, following the announcement in March, "Me Glassed Me characters" appeared this time, so there may be some announcements for the rumored Apple AR glasses (smart glass).

The expected rendering image of the high -end Mac mini is released.Is it getting thinner and adopting a MAGSAFE charging connector?

Although M1 Mac mini has an inconspicuous impression, it is a product that is actually attracting attention, such as jumping on the top of the Japanese desktop PC market share and adding a 10GB Ethernet option.

Meanwhile, the expected rendering image called "Mac mini with the next M1X chip" is released.According to the familiar Jon Prosser, it is replaced with Intel Mac mini, which is a higher -end model (high price, many external ports, etc.), while the current M1 Mac mini will continue to be sold as an entry model.is.

The body of the high -end Mac mini is thin, and the upper part is finished like a prexiglass.It is also speculated that there are various two -tone options, like a variety of 24 -inch iMac.

In addition, the new Apple silicon M1X (provisional) surpasses M1 chips not only to performance but also to expandability.The current M1 Mac mini is limited to two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, but the new model is expected to increase to four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

These information matches almost with the preceding Bloomberg report.The next MacBook Pro was equipped with the same M1X chip, and the RAM was up to 64GB, but I hope that the price will be modest only for Mac mini (and Apple Silicon Mac in general), which is attractive to buy.。

Runes that a dietary management function will be added to iOS 15 (provisional)

Connor Jewiss, who saw the next iOS 15 (provisional) screen, has testified that a "healthcare" app will add a meal tracking or other functions.

Mark Gurman, who is familiar with Apple's insider information, says, "Don't forget the notification banner (as an iOS 15 new feature)", and the information is correctly supported.

Jewiss also mentions Dark mode UI (user interface) and message app improvement, new notification settings and lock screen renewal.These are what GURMAN reported the other day, but it is unknown whether the two sources are separate or the same.

It is clear that Apple in recent years is focusing on the healthcare field.In addition to the Apple Watch Series 4 or later ECG (ECG) app, Apple Watch Series 6 has added blood oxygen wellness, and the next Apple Watch Series 7 (provisional) is equipped with blood sugar levels and alcohol concentration measurement functions.It has been.In addition, GURMAN reported rumors that fitness -oriented in the next AirPods Pro with a motion sensor.

Tim Cook CEO once said, "The biggest contribution to mankind is healthy."In fact, Apple Watch's ECG app saved a number of lives, but the non -invasive (no needle needed needle needs), which seems to be interested, will be installed on the Apple Watch.Maybe.