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Pokemon GO: No.575 How to get Gochimil, different colors and countermeasures (adult Pokemon re-entry guide)

Pokemon GO is a fusion of cutting-edge mobile AR and pocket monsters that are popular across generations. This is a "Pokemon picture book" for adults that summarizes only the main points for ex-trainers who haven't played Pokemon in a long time, and for those who are playing Pokemon games for the first time. This time, the Esper type "Ayatsuri Pokemon", "Gochimil".

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No.575 Gochimil

National picture book number: No.575 (Ish region, 5th generation) First appearance: "Pocket Monsters Black and White" Nintendo DS 2010 Classification: Ayatsuri Pokemon English name: Gothorita

Explanation of the picture book

"Many stories remain about manipulating sleeping children on starry nights."

In-game data

Evolution: Gochim (25 Gochim candies) Gochimil (100 Gochim candies) Gochilzel Color difference: Unimplemented Type: Esper Esper (x 0.625) race value: HP 155, attack 137, defense 153

How to get Gochimil (as of April 2020):

・Gochim hatches from a 5km egg.

Gochimil countermeasure Pokemon:

Pokemon GO: No.575 Get Gochimil How to Get Different Colors and Countermeasures (Adult Pokemon Re-Introduction Guide)</p><p>Number name (example of recommended technique)</p><p>248 Bangiras (Bite / Biting) 487 Giratina (Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball) 376 Metagross (Bullet Punch / Comet Punch) 609 Chandelure (Tatarime / Shadow Ball) 127 Kairos (Bite / Scissor Cross)</p><p>Gochimil is not a formidable enemy because it is a pre-evolved Pokemon. If it is a dark type Pokemon such as Bangiras, it will be very active because it can attack its weak points and is resistant to Psychic type attacks. Also, since it has double resistance to Psychic-type attacks, you can advance the battle with an advantage.</p><p>If you don't have a strong Pokemon, even Kairos with a high CP who knows Bug-type moves will be weak.</p><p>Pokemon GO: No.248 How to get Bangiras and countermeasures Pokémon GO: No.461 How to get maneuvers and countermeasures Pokémon GO: No.376 How to get Metagross and countermeasures *Metagross

Gochimir's Battle Rating: Unsuitable

Gochimil is unsuitable for battle because it is a pre-evolution Pokemon. After evolution, Gothilzel also has lower attack power than strong Psychic-type Pokémon, and there are not many scenes where it can be used even if it is trained. If you have Psychic-type strong attackers such as Mewtwo and Efi, you don't need to train them first. (Evaluation mainly in raids and gym battles)

Recommended moves:

Nenriki (Esper) / Mirai Yochi (Esper) Hataku (Normal) / Psychokinesis (Ghost)

Speaking of Gochimil:

Pokemon that appeared in the 2010 Nintendo DS version "Pocket Monsters Black and White" (Ish region, 5th generation). Before evolution, Gochim of "Gyoshi Pokemon". After evolution, it is Gothilzel of "Tentai Pokemon". It is paired with the same Esper-type Unilan, Dabran, and Runcrus, with the Gochim type appearing in black and the Unilan type appearing in white. Gochim had the ability to see things invisible to humans with his esper-type psycho power, but Gochimir is a power-up setting that allows him to manipulate people with hypnosis. The monochrome gothic design is the same, but the head has a huge dumpling on the left and right, making it a so-called twintail shape. White ribbons (like organs?) have increased on both the head and the body. In Pokemon GO, Gochim before evolution first appeared in Esper Week in March 2020. Obtained by evolving Gochim. Even if it is raised to Gotilzel, its offensive power is not high, so it is not suitable as an attacker in raids or gyms, and in the current environment and skills in battle, it is not as good as other Psychic types. Considering only the battle, it is not a Pokemon with a particularly high training rank at the moment, but it is popular due to its appearance and setting, and there may be many trainers who want to raise it to Gothilzel as soon as possible. After Esper Week, you can get Gochim in eggs and in the wild. List of latest Pokemon GO news

Official Pokemon Type Compatibility Chart. Roughly speaking, "Batsugun!" is about 1.6 times. Approximately 2.5 times if both types are weak (double weak). (Example: Attacking the freezer of "Kori / Hiko" with "Iwa") The resistance is about 0.63 times that of "Imahitotsu". "No effect" is reduced to about 0.4 times in Pokemon GO, but the damage passes.

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