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"Oppo Band Style" that can also measure blood oxygen levels in the 4000 yen range

The right is the Apple Watch (44mm) that I usually use.Oppo Band Style (left) has a face of about 1/3

I don't mind wearing it for a day, including the time I sleep.In addition, the author is equipped with a heart rate sensor on the back of the body that can fix it so that it fits with the OPPO Find X2 Pro that is used to fit.

The strap of the stainless steel frame on the right is the style type.A sports type that has a sense of stability on the top and is resistant to sweat.It can be used properly depending on the taste and usage scene

Because the charging cable is short, there is a restriction where the charge is charged.

4000円台で血中酸素レベルも測定できる「OPPO Band Style」

There are 40 types of dial designs, and you can select the menu by tracing the screens where the five types are preset, tap and execute the activity of the day.

The measured data can be checked with the "Heytap Health" app, and the Oppo Band Style is also small.Android 6.After 0, iOS 12.Compatible with 0 or later

Walking screen.If you have a paired smartphone that is tracked by tracking your heart rate and knows the fat burning level, you can check the quality of sleep just by sleeping with the GPS recorded on your arm.

Blood oxygen level can be measured just by still standing.Impression that it takes a little longer to measure than a pulse oximeter for medical equipment

The function that allows you to find a smartphone that is no longer found at home is convenient for sober

OPPO Band Styleオウガ・ジャパン4480円