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To the announcement of the sterrice, the electric SUV concept ... CES 2022 (response) --Yahoo! News



Chrysler airflow concept

ステランティス、電動SUVコンセプト発表へ…CES 2022(レスポンス) - Yahoo!ニュース

Stalantis announced on December 22 that it will unveil the Chrysler AirFlow Concept at CES 2022, which will be held in January 2022 in Las Vegas, USA. See related images ◆ "Airflow", an evolved version of "Airflow Vision" in 2020, is derived from the name of the full -size sedan of the 1930s Chrysler. Airflow is said to be the first commercial vehicle that introduced aerodynamics in earnest, and had a groundbreaking aerodynamic form at the time. The airflow concept is the evolution of the Airflow Vision, which was first released at CES 2020 in 2020. Airflow Vision is a concept car that reproduces the full -size sedan of the 1930s with the latest electric technology and design. Thinking about how drivers and crew members can interact with advanced technology, they presented a design concept car that expresses the next -generation premium mobility and user experience. ◆ The Chrysler Airflow concept, which will be released for the next generation of EVs and will be released for the first time at the 800km level or CES 2022, uses a design that is more focused on commercialization than the previous airflow vision. It will be an electric SUV against Ford Motor's Ford "Mustang Mach E". Stulinary is planning to introduce four types of next -generation EV platforms that are the basis for 14 -brand electric vehicles, including Chrysler. These platforms are designed in consideration of high -level flexibility that can change the overall length and width, and the sharing of parts, and each platform produces up to 2 million units a year to further reduce costs. The four platforms aim to be "STLA Small" up to 500 km, "STLA Medium" is up to 700 km, STLA Large is up to 800 km, and "STLA frame" for jeep is the goal of up to 800 km. Of these, STLA Large is expected to be used in the commercial version of the airflow concept. The EV powertrain is available in three types of electric drive modules, an electrical drive module designed with motors, gearboxes, and inverters. These EDMs are compact and flexible, can be customized for the front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all -wheel drive, and plug -in hybrid vehicles. By combining platforms, EDMs, and high -energy density battery packs, vehicles with the best performance, cruising, and charging will be realized. ◆ Cooperation sterries will cooperate with the development of the Airflow Concept with the development of the Fox Concon and Infotainment produced by the iPhone. The aim is to present the ideas of the two companies for the next -generation premium transplantation and user experience. The two companies will establish a joint venture "Mobile Drive". Mobile Drive is a joint venture with 50/50 voting rights aimed at accelerating the development schedule to provide an innovative user experience realized by advanced home appliances, HMI interfaces, and services. 。 MOBILE DRIVE has undertaken the production of the global vehicle design and engineering of the stery, and the production of Apple's "iPhone", and is a Sharp's parent company's evolved smartphone and home appliances software and hardware. Combine global development power in the area of. With this combination, Mobile Drive provides seamlessly connected inside and outside the car and a new entertainment function. Mobile Drive focuses on platform development for infotainment, telematics, and cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI) -based application, 5G communication, OTA (Over the Air) service, e -commerce opportunity, and smart cockpit. It is stated that focus on softwearening such as integrated environment.

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