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  • Engadget Logo Redmagic 6, which recorded 826439 in the Japanese version of the English version of Antutu V9, is the fastest class gaming smartphone.

Engadget Logo Redmagic 6, which recorded 826439 in the Japanese version of the English version of Antutu V9, is the fastest class gaming smartphone.

We borrowed the latest gaming smartphone "REDMAGIC 6" ($ 899) of NUBIA Technology ($ 899) from NUBIA Technology.Immediately the classic benchmark "Antutu Benchmark (V9).0.When the 5-OB) was executed, a surprising score of 826439 was recorded in the overall score.It was executed three times, but it was stable and hit a high score with 823610, 825526, 826439.By the way, if you look at the official score ranking of Antutu Benchmark, the first place "IQOO 7" is 821324.Redmagic has been attracting attention for the height of the cospa, but this time it should be noted as the fastest class gaming smartphone.

Redmagic 6 (Amazon)

This time, "Antutu Benchmark (V9).0.5-OB) was executed only on the main unit without installing the cooling unit "Dual-Core ICE DOCK"."Dual-Core ICE DOCK" has not acquired the skill, so it is not released for Japan.

It is necessary to take a look at the result of April 2021 at the time of the article writing, but Redmagic 6 has a higher score than the first place "IQOO 7".

■ Top model "REDMAGIC 6 Pro" ($ 999) is also available

Redmagic 6 is the processor "Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5g" (8 cores, up to 2 up to 2.84GHz), OS "Android 11 + Redmagic OS 4.Adopted 0 ".Memory (RAM) is 12GB (LPDDR5), storage (ROM) is 128GB (UFS3).1) is installed.In addition, there is also a top model "REDMAGIC 6 Pro" ($ 999), which is equipped with 16GB of memory and 256GB of storage, and adopts an aircraft -grade aluminum on the back panel.

The display is 6.8 inch FHD+ AMOLED (2400 x 1080 dots, screen ratio 20: 9, contrast ratio 1000000: 1, color depth 10-bit, peak brightness 630cd/square DCI-P3 100 %, screen occupancy rate 91.28 %) adopted.Of course, it is a gaming specification with a refresh rate 165Hz, one -touch sampling rate 500Hz, multi -touch sampling rate 360Hz, and a response speed of 8 ms.

The front camera is not a notch or punch hole specification, but the screen occupancy rate is 91 due to a narrow frame..Realized 28 %

The refresh rate can be set from 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, 165Hz.You can determine the balance between drawing speed and power consumption yourself.

Unfortunately, "Netflix" cannot play HDR videos (at the time of writing).YouTube can play HDR videos, but Netflix will also be waiting for early response.

At the bottom of the display is equipped with a 50 % speed -speeded 6th generation displayed fingerprint authentication sensor.

■ It is not equipped with a telephoto camera, but it secures a practical resolution with 10 times zoom

The rear camera consists of triple.64MP Main Camera on the back (Samsung S5kgw3, 0.8μm, 78.3 times, F1.79), 8MP ultra -wide -angle camera (HY846 made by Hynix, 1.12 μm, 120 degrees, F2.2), 2MP macro camera (Omnivision OV02A10, 1.75μm, 78 degrees, F2.4) 8MP front camera on the front (HI846, HYNIX, 1).12 μm, F2.0) is installed.

Although the telephoto camera is not adopted, the ultra -high -resolution 64MP main camera has a certain sense of resolution even if it is 10 times.At least there is no practical problem if you look at the smartphone or tablet screen.

The rear camera is 8MP ultra -wide -angle camera, 64MP main camera, 2MP macro camera

Shooting at 10 times.There is no telephoto camera, but I personally think that a tablet of about 10 inches is a practical level.

Shooted in night view mode.While pulling the dark part brightly, the white jump on the signboard is suppressed.

■ Evolved cooling mechanism "ICE 6".0 Cooling System "

The body size is 169.86 x 77.19 x 9.7mm and weighs 220g.REDMAGIC 6 has metal on the center frame and a reinforced glass on the back.

Equipment unique to the REDMAGIC series is the absorption and excretion on the left and right sides."ICE 6" evolved to Redmagic 6.0 Cooling System is adopted, with graphite layer, vapor chamber liquid cooling, thermal gel, copper foil, internal turbofan, cooling air duct, aircraft grade aluminum ( * PRO only), etc.It is claimed to be doing it.

Engadget Logo
エンガジェット日本版 AnTuTu V9で826439を記録したRedMagic 6は最速クラスのゲーミングスマホだ

As mentioned at the beginning, "Antutu Benchmark (V9).0.The overall score of "5-OB) is over 820,000, so it is certain that the performance of Snapdragon 888 can be maximized.

3 on the top of the main unit.5mm headphone jack, microphone, speaker on the lower side of the main unit, USB Type-C terminal, microphone, and SIM card tray

On the right side of the main unit, touch shoulder dart ligger, exhaust, power button, microphone, volume button, intake port, and game boost switch are placed on the left side of the main unit.

"Ice 6.0 Cooling System "is a graphite layers, vapor chamber liquid cooling, thermal gel, copper foil (Copper foil), and coof (COPPER FOIL).AIR DUCT), aircraft grade aluminum (Aircraft-Aluminum, * Pro only)

The comprehensive score of "Antutu BenchMark V9" is 826439, the "Geekbench 5" Multi-Core Score is 3498, and the Wild Life of "3DMark" records 5742 (all three times measured to use the highest score).

The benchmark is performed by selecting "Super Performance" by "Game Enhancement" to adjust the performance.

By the way, the "internal turbofan" is said to be 20 % faster than the previous generation and achieve a maximum of 20,000 rpm, but keeps the operation noise to 28 decibels, but after the built -in turbine on -off, it was measured., 8.There was a difference of 9 decibel.To be honest, it is a very worried sound.Nevertheless, if you play a game seriously, you use earphones and headphones, so it is no problem if you turn off the built -in turbo fan on a daily basis.

Turn on the built -in fan and "Antutu Benchmark (v9).0.When 5-OB) is executed, the operation sound including environmental sound is 34 to 42..9 I went up to Decibel (air conditioning, measured in my room where I stopped the computer)

I tried to measure the surface temperature with a thermography camera (room temperature 25).Measured at 5 ° C).It seems that the internal heat is transmitted from the bezel of the camera part, up to 43.0 ° C is recorded.You can clearly see that the exhaust heat is firmly heated from the exhaust port on the right side (photographed the back).

■ Game utility is a simple configuration

Game utility is a simple configuration.Sliding the game boost switch will launch the game utility "GAME Space" to run games and registered apps.After the game starts, swipe from the right of the screen or at the bottom of the screen to display "Game Space Menu" that can be set.The functions assigned to the touch shoulder dart Ligger are described below, but it is less than other gaming smartphones.

Sliding the game boost switch will launch the game utility "GAME Space" to run games and registered apps.

Swipe from the right or below the screen during the game to display "Game Space Menu".

The touch shoulder dart can be assigned a button on the screen.One button is assigned to "Press Trigger Single Operation", and two buttons are assigned to "Press Trigger Dual Operation"."Press and lift and trigger individually" allows you to set a different button when pressed and released."Press a trigger one key" is a button used to assign a series of operations by macros, and it is necessary to register the operation from "Macro" in "Game Space Menu" in advance.

If you register various apps including "Chrome", you can display another screen with a picture -in -picture while playing the game.

■ If cospa is the most important, Redmagic 6 is the right wing

Gaming smartphone, which boasts the best cospa, is the biggest weak point in the REDMAGIC series.On the contrary, there are some places where the explanation remains in English....... However, I feel better because English is less confusing than suspicious Japanese.

Compared to other gaming smartphones, there is a habit, but if you want to get a gaming smartphone with the highest class performance at the moment as low as possible, Redmagic 6 is the right wing.

Please be assured that even if the English explanation remains, there will be no such difficult words.

Redmagic 6 (Amazon)