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"HOME 5G HR01" Quick Review Will you be a "savior" of a family who can't draw fixed lines?-Itmedia mobile

 On August 27, NTT DOCOMO launched a stationary wireless Internet service "Home 5G".Reservations have flooded online shops, and some delays have occurred in shipping.

 In this article, the outline of the Sharp home router "HOME 5G HR01", which is a dedicated terminal of the service, will be introduced again.I hope it will be helpful for those who are considering a contract (purchase).

home 5G HR01(シャープ製)

 HR01 is connected to the Internet via DoCoMo's 5G / XI (LTE) line.Unlike the fixed Internet service "DOCOMO Hikari", it is characterized by its ease of use without construction from the day of the contract in the 5G / XI area.

 The theoretical maximum communication speed in the 5g / Xi network is as follows.

 This speed is only a "theoretical value", and the speed varies greatly depending on the surrounding environment and network congestion.Nevertheless, in many environments, the downward communication speed seems to be faster than the Internet connection service by ADSL and VDSL.

 On the other hand, the theoretical maximum communication speed on the local device side is as follows.

 You might think, "Isn't that the 5g / Xi network slower than the network side?" As mentioned above, the communication speed of the 5g / Xi network varies greatly depending on the surrounding environment and the congestion of the network.Unless you use a large number of communication devices at the same time, there will be enough specifications.

 However, only one wired LAN port is provided.If you connect it to a TV or a stationary game console, it will be filled by itself.If you want to use two or more devices connected by a wired LAN, you need to use a "hub" that adds a wired LAN port or a "communication converter" that relays Wi-Fi to a wired LAN.However, it is not assumed that the LAN port using the hub for the specifications is expected.

 On the back of the main unit, in addition to the wired LAN port and power supply terminal, it has a "WPS button" and "reboot (restart) button".If the Wi-Fi device supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), such as Wi-Fi PCs equipped with Wi-Fi, press the WPS button to simplify the setup procedure.If the router gets sick, you can restart in one shot by pressing the reboot button.


 At the top of the front of the main unit, there are three LED indicators indicating various conditions.

 The LED on the left shows communication mode.It indicates that when it glows blue, it is connected to a 5G network, and when it glows green, it is connected to the XI network.It flashes during the communication.

 In the center shows the radio wave intensity of 5g / LTE.When it glows blue, it becomes "strong", "medium" when it glows yellow, "weak" when it glows red, and when it flashes red slowly, it becomes "out of the area".Let's find a place that glows blue in the house.

 The LED on the right shows the state of the router.Usually turns on blue.If there is a software update, or if the maximum communication capacity set on the management screen is exceeded, the light will be yellow.If the position cannot be captured normally, light it in red.

 The current software has no settings to turn on / off these lamps.Moreover, because it shines unexpectedly, the lamp is very noticeable in dark places.I hope there is a setting to reduce or turn off ...


 On the bottom of the main unit, there are nanosim card slots, USB Type-C terminals and reset switches.

 The nanosim card corresponding to this device is the same "docomo nanouim card ver.6 ".However, if the phone number for HOME 5G is written, it can only be communicated on the Home 5G terminal.The behavior of other nanosim cards could not be tried due to various reasons.

 The USB Type-C terminal is not usually used.The instruction manual also states that "cannot be used".The reset switch is used to return to the state of the factory.

 On the bottom, the information required for the initial connection is also printed.If you use it with the initial settings, change the setting as soon as you buy it, as the malicious third party may use the network.

底面には初期接続に必要な情報も記載されている。通気孔もあるため、ふさがないように気を付けようSIMカードは通常の5G/Xi端末と同じ「ドコモnanoUIMカード Ver.6」を利用するが、home 5G HR01でのみ通信できるように制限が掛けられている

 Various HR01 settings are made on the web browser.Enter the URL on the bottom of the router on the web browser of the device connected to the HR01 or the IP address on the router (LAN) side.At the moment, no dedicated apps are available.

 The management screen allows you to check the communication capacity and the connection status of the device without logging in.If you log in with the administrator password, you can change the Wi-Fi SSID (name of the access point), change security settings, and change the administrator password.The early administrator password is printed on the bottom of the main unit, so I want to change it as soon as I buy it.

PCのWebブラウザで表示した管理画面。日本語と英語に対応しているスマートフォンのWebブラウザで表示した管理画面。通信容量は概算値となるため、正確な容量は「My docomo」(契約者用Webサイト)で確認しよう

 Some people may say, "How comfortable is HOME 5G?"So, I used the optical Internet service that I usually use at my home for three days instead of the optical Internet service (DOCOMO Hikari 1 Giga's Type A, detached house, ISP is @nifty).

 In conclusion, it is comfortable enough unless you use a lot of up (transmission) communication.Unfortunately, the area around my home is not a 5G area (a few minutes on foot), and the XI is less theoretical speed than the surrounding area (why ...).Nevertheless, the daytime downtown communication was possible to secure up to 90Mbps by measurement.With this speed, high -resolution videos can be seen smoothly.

 As for the upsets, it was about 6 to 8 Mbps for actual measurement, but it would be enough to have a web meeting alone.If you use it in a slightly faster area, there should be no problem if multiple people have a web meeting at the same time.

Wi-Fi 5(IEEE 802.11ac)対応PCからHR01につないで、「speedtest.net」にアクセスしてスピードテストした結果。速度はまずまずだが、PING(応答速度)が遅めである

 If your home is in an environment where you can communicate with DOCOMO's smartphone line, Home 5G is an "ant" as an alternative to the ADSL / VDSL line.If you don't have a DOCOMO line currently, you should ask an acquaintance who has a docomo smartphone to test it before introducing it.

 However, those who apply to any of the following should consider the introduction of high -speed fixed Internet services before the introduction of HOME 5G.

 This time, the schedule could not be conducted an "extreme" communication test, such as "several tens of GB communication within a few days" and "frequent exchange of large -capacity data".I'll try it on another occasion.


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