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What to do when you lose your Android smartphone

If you notice that you have lost your Android smartphone, there are some things you can do to identify the smartphone position.

So first take a deep breath and follow the following steps.

Prerequisites required to find a lost Android smartphone

In order to find a lost smartphone, you need to have some prerequisites.

The power of the smartphone is turned on, it is logged in to Google Accout, connected to the Internet, and the location information and "Search for devices" ([Settings]> [Security]> [Find devices]).Must be.

If the powerful smartphone is turned off or the above settings are not enabled, it will be difficult to find.

How to find a lost Android smartphone

If the above prerequisites are read, [Android.Access Com/Find] and log in with Google account.

At this time, log in with the same Google account as used in the lost smartphone.

If you only have one smartphone, log in to this website and the current location of the device will be displayed immediately.

If you have two or more smartphones, click the lost smartphone from the list at the top of the web page.


The current location of the smartphone is displayed on the map on the right side of the screen.According to Google, location information is rough and not always accurate.

Of course, if your smartphone is stolen, be aware that going to find it yourself may not be a good idea.

紛失したHow to sound the sound of an Android smartphone

If you have forgotten your smartphone somewhere, you can check the location by looking at the map.If you come close (and if it's a safe place), you can make a sound from your smartphone to make it easier to find.

How to sound the sound of an Android smartphone

【How to sound the sound of an Android smartphone 】

  1. Googleアカウントで[android.com/find]にログインし、紛失したスマホを選択します。
  2. 画面左側にある[音を鳴らす]をクリックすると、スマホがマナーモードになっていても、着信音が5分間鳴り続けます。

How to lock the lost Android smartphone and display a message on the screen

Same [Android.On the Com/Find page, click [Protect Device] on the left side of the screen, lock the smartphone and log out from the Google account to safely protect the data.

You can also display a message on the lock screen along with the phone number with this function.

If you are lucky and kind, you may be able to return your smartphone, thanks to the displayed information.

After entering the message and phone number, click [Protect Device] and lock it again.

How to erase all data from Android smartphones remotely

If you can't find a smartphone and decide that you have no hope, [Android.You can click [Erase Device Data] on the Com/Find page to return to the factory shipment.

The Green [Erase Device Data] button is displayed again, and when you click it, all data is erased.

However, please note that the data of the internal storage is erased in this method, but the data of the SD cards inserted by the smartphone may not be erased.

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