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Industrial Spring and Autumn / Eiichi Shibusawa and Chichibu Industrial Promotion | Daily Industry Newspaper Electronic Version


(2021/11/12 05:00)

The NHK Taiga drama, which depicts Eiichi Shibuzawa's life, has reached the end, and talks about the opening of banks and commercial and industrial offices.He wants to watch to the end as a person involved in the industry.Speaking of Taiga drama, I remember the 1980 broadcast "Lion's era" where Shibusawa appeared in the past.

The protagonist is Aizu feudal lord who participated in the Paris World Exposition with Shibuzawa and others at the end of the Tokugawa period.After returning to Japan, he wandered around the country, and finally participated in residents in Chichibu, Saitama, near his hometown of Shibuzawa.

At that time, the Chichibu Incident was in trouble with the life of a sericulture farmer due to the crash of the raw silk, and the farmers who were angry at the pressure administration attacked high -interest lending and government offices.In the end, it is suppressed and the stakeholders are punished.The industrial structure, which was biased from land that was not suitable for cultivation to the textile industry, was also a distant cause.

In the Taisho era, the cement industry rose based on limestone in Mt. Chichibu, and the local economy was stable.The substance industry also expanded, and the power of manufacturing was stored.After the war, manufacturing, such as electronic, precision equipment and metal processing, was accumulated.Recently, the collaboration between young business owners -mainly industrial associations and in different industries has been active.

Shibuzawa was involved in the establishment of a cement company in Chichibu, and also supported a railway that transports it.Shibusawa always exists behind the history of industrial modernization.Chichibu, who happened to watch the taiga drama, was no exception.

(2021/11/12 05:00)

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